About Us

 The Accommodation Centre's aim is to provide the most comprehensive property management service throughout Central Otago for our owners and tenants alike. 
Having offices in Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell gives our owners the ability to invest in Central Otago, with confidence, knowing they will receive the same quality service in each area. It also gives us a wide range of properties for our tenants to match their budgets and requirements. 
Queenstown Accommodation Centre (QAC) is Central Otago's original and leading property management company. Having stood the test of time by surviving the market trends Queenstown has endured since 1984, demonstrates our commitment and success in the property management industry.
We purchased Accommodation Wanaka in 2016 and have since re branded as Wanaka Accommodation Centre (WAC). This business has been successfully owned and operated by locals for 10+ years.
With the success of QAC & WAC we have now completed Central Otago's golden triangle by opening up an office in Cromwell - Cromwell Accommodation Centre (CAC).
The benefits of our Difference include:
  • consistently high occupancy rates
  • extensive tenant screening processes
  • thorough reporting and communications
  • A large team of experienced professionals taking care of every aspect in the management of our properties, specialist skills to do a specialist's job
QAC is the only property management company in Queenstown to offer both in-house maintenance saving everyone time and money, and keeping standards high. We will look at spreading this service to our offices in WAC and CAC in the near future.
"We do things differently to do them better."