Essential Need-To-Know Info

Buying Queenstown investment property?

1 - KNOW YOUR GOALS | Pure investment? Holiday home? What property you buy will depend on your goals /use for it. We can advise on all renting scenarios in Queenstown.

2 - LOCATION, ALWAYS! | Properties close to town rent well in Queenstown, and generally command good views.  Semi rural properties tend to be more popular with families or as holiday homes. Accessibility and parking are good factors to think about if you're wanting to lease the property, as are aspects such as the ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms.

3 - CONSTRUCTION | Particularly important in Queenstown's alpine climate with its extreme high and low temperatures: is the build/its materials suitable for the elements, are there good heating sources in place?


Properties that are well maintained attract and retain tenants. They also justify a good rental price, so present your investment property in a clean, tidy and well-maintained manner.  Installing heating is a huge bonus in Queenstown.

Renovating a rental

Practicality wins over personal taste. Choose durable carpets, fixtures and fittings. Keep to budget - don't over-capitalise. Choose reliable whiteware brands - easily serviced locally.

To furnish, or not to furnish?

We can advise, according to your specific situation. Generally, (partly) furnished properties do well in Queenstown because many tenants are here for a short time (12 months or less), and are in town without household furniture.

Free appraisals

Complimentary property appraisals are part of our service. 

We visit the property and assess key factors such as location, position, accessibility, construction and configuration, heating and presentation. This information is then compared with market standards/trends to provide a rental estimate range.

Rent levels

Marketplace trends help dictate rental rates - the simple economics of supply and demand.  Queenstown's seasons also impact rents. Our recommendation is that there is always a balance to be had: rent levels should be fair, reasonable and in line with the market.

We are proactive in reviewing rents - at least every six months, in consultation with the property owner.


Online:, (optional), here on (we're top in Google searches for Queenstown rental accommodation).

Print media: The Lakes Weekly Bulletin (LWB), full and front pages!  See PDF samples at base of page. Property Press magazine, Preview magazine, NZ Property Investor magazine.

Office/walk-ins: RENTING NOW! listings brochures at our downtown office, where prospective tenants get help and assistance from our team, and can view rentals on our gallery display.

Property maintenance 

So important - your investment property will be one of your largest assets! We resource maintenance heavily and boast industry-leading property inspections and reporting.


An essential component to owning an investment property; we advise you to speak with insurance brokers Rothbury Insurance Brokers (Central Otago) for relevant options, recommendations and pricing. 

What works?

Being a good property manager is a lot more than finding tenants; it's about property management, maintenance and marketing.

Part of being the BEST is ticking these property management boxes:

  • COMMUNICATION | always check how a property manager advertises, if they're easily accessible and communicate regularly and well.
  • FIRST IMPRESSION? | trust your perceptions. Competent, knowledgeable, thorough? Look for an open and honest approach; beware "property chat" that promises a lot, is derogatory about the competition, but delivers little.
  • ASK | about background and qualifications.  Relevant experience? Landlords or tenants themselves?
  • CARE | does the property manager operate with clear goals that will look after your investment?  Is their tenant checking thorough? Issue management? Good communication?

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